About STEM: the Musical

What if your homework was to explain how everything in the universe works?

In StM, four students are given that very task! Through them, audiences get an introduction to STEM topics in a fun, accessible way. We see some of the many ways we use math on a daily basis, and an engineer designs the perfect paper airplane, while explaining the basic physics of how it flies (to a Samba beat!). You will be encouraged to challenge what you know, while using sound research techniques (i.e. the Scientific Method) to go further.

Why combine science and the arts?

The arts - through creative delivery and inspiring music - are well-suited to foster a deeper interest in and understanding of diverse subjects. Unfortunately, the arts continue to disappear from many schools, but we see in this crisis an opportunity to benefit both the students and the administration with a high-quality STEAM program that reaches across disciplines to deliver core educational content.

A commitment to inclusiveness

Women and minorities are underrepresented in science and tech fields, and that lack of interest starts early in their academic careers. Our diverse casting represents our commitment to encourage and inspire all students, no matter their background.  We also highlight this diversity as we explore the many relevant contributions these groups have made to science and math throughout history.

Press release: Stem.org approved!

STEM.org is America’s original and most adopted STEM credentialing organization. STEM: the Musical is the first theatrical production to earn STEM.org's prestigious Approved TrustMark. Click below for press release: